Yes, it’s really like that. The distress, the wailing: Video of North Koreans after the death of Kim Jong Il

December 19, 2011


Check out this video of North Koreans bereaving the loss of Kim Jong Il. (HT to Business Insider) Yes, it is unbelievable.  When you get to 1:20 of the video, watch the kids in the background look around as if it say – “I guess we should do what everyone else is doing.”  Throughout the video, […]

Where exactly are we getting the money to spend? US Savings Rate, Disposable Incomes & Consumer Credit

December 14, 2011


Retail sales are up for the sixth straight month.  But… 1. The average American lost $21,000 in net worth in Q3, 2011 according to the December 8, 2011 Federal Reserve Flow of Funds release. 2. Personal savings rates are on a marked decline after a predictable spike during the recession: 3. Disposable income is back […]

Hierarchical Models, Game Theory, the Arab Spring and… Facebook?

December 12, 2011


In their paper – Cooperation, structure and hierarchy in multiadaptive games – Sungmin Lee, Petter Holme and Zhi-Xi Wu write: To epitomize, our work shows a generalization of spatial social dilemma models where hierarchies can emerge in a cooperative state. In our framework, these hierarchies need stable cooperating hubs to persist. In this sense, the […]

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The biology of The Cloud

December 11, 2011


Here’s the way I think of “The Cloud” – If I don’t have to worry about my data when I spill coffee on my laptop, then I’m using is The Cloud. In that vein, I’m in general agreement with Urquhart’s definition – “Cloud computing is an application-centric operations model.” (After my visit to the Silicon […]

Only in Silicon Valley: OpenStack Swift – The State of the Project

December 8, 2011


Seeing that I’m in the data business, thought it’d be interesting to check out the new Silicon Valley CloudCenter at a Meetup event – OpenStack Swift – The State of the Project – organized by Dave Nielsen, et al.   Only in Silicon Valley can you pack a room with 60+ engineers to learn about these things. […]

And who will rescue the Chinese?

November 28, 2011


James Altucher, who wrote that Pearl Harbor caused the financial crash of 2008.  Does that make the international hopes of Chinese consumer spending growth the signal the upcoming event horizon? With the global economy fighting the doldrums: The European PIIGS (and everyone thought the Euro would replace the US Dollar as the global currency) Downward revisions of […]

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Growing start-up industries outside of Silicon Valley

November 19, 2011


Question recently posed on Twitter spurred a few thoughts: “Georgia start-ups need to grow outside of Georgia to build great companies and big valuations. Thoughts?” It’s not whether they need to grow, but whether Georgia-based start-ups are able to grow outside of Georgia.   But where does this begin? Certainly not in local government, as the […]