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The real reason no one wants the Yahoo patent suits against Facebook?

March 25, 2012


Everyone knows about Yahoo’s patent suit against Facebook. The conspiracy theory In the Silicon Valley ecosystem, Facebook has far more to lose than Yahoo! has to gain. Line up the two sides fighting this battle – Facebook is NATO while Yahoo! has Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Hence the conspiracy theory — Facebook has a $100 billion […]

Friendfeed, Facebook (& Google?)

August 10, 2009


Just saw that Facebook is acquiring FriendFeed. Found this interesting since the Google tree is expanding. Paul Buchheit is one of FriendFeed’s founders and the brains behind Gmail. After watching him speak on a panel last Spring, I wrote about Google, employee retention, and entrepreneurship. FriendFeed is a small shop with only 12 employees according […]

Employee Retention at Yahoo!

June 25, 2008


Things aren’t looking terribly rosy at Yahoo! nowadays. It’s never a good sign when webpages like this start sprouting up….. (Mike – thanks for the link….)

Yahoo’s Entrepreneurial Capacity

May 13, 2008


Attending local Silicon Valley events always seems to provide great fodder for articles and conceptual gymnastics — I attended an SVASE event last week – “Startup Founders – New Kids on the Block” – where Eric Marcoullier, Founder & CEO of Gnip, served as one of the panelist. Eric developed MyBlogLog (I’m a member) which […]

Is Yahoo! acquiring assets or problems?

April 23, 2008


Over the last couple of years, Yahoo! has been on a perpetual shopping spree in recent years – acquiring social media and social networking companies to boost its status in the Web 2.0 world. 18 months ago, a Business Week article by Catherine Holahan – “Yahoo’s Strategy: Growth By Acquisition” – supported Yahoo’s strategy, promoting […]

Yahoo!’s Valuation – Goodwill leads to Goodwill

April 4, 2008


Recent word is that Microsoft has no plans to raise its $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo! Inc. $44.6 billion got me wondering how this matched up to Yahoo’s value based on its balance sheet. I found one item to be particularly interesting – “goodwill” – which seems to be indicative of Yahoo! Inc.’s problems, and […]