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The real reason no one wants the Yahoo patent suits against Facebook?

March 25, 2012


Everyone knows about Yahoo’s patent suit against Facebook. The conspiracy theory In the Silicon Valley ecosystem, Facebook has far more to lose than Yahoo! has to gain. Line up the two sides fighting this battle – Facebook is NATO while Yahoo! has Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Hence the conspiracy theory — Facebook has a $100 billion […]

The Venture Capital Market

January 23, 2010


There’s a wonderful blog conversation ongoing between Paul Kedrosky and Fred Wilson on the optimal number of venture capital firms. To summarize, both advocate for a reduction in amount of capital and number of VC firms participating in the market. Check out Kedrosky’s post from this week – Fred Wilson and the Venture Capital (Non-)Cartel […]

Profile of Angel Investors

December 11, 2009


Received an emailed list of the :most cited articles from Institutional Investor Journals. One of them caught my eye – “A Profile of Angel Investors” – published in the Journal of Private Equity. Haven’t downloaded or read the article yet, but passing along in case you should care to…

Acquisition Price – FriendFeed/Facebook

August 11, 2009


I wish I was always this good… I guessed somewhere around $50 mln in an earlier post today about Facebook’s acquisition of FriendFeed. Turns out I was pretty close according to this post in the WSJOnline late today. So it didn’t take linear algebra to make the guess, but what the heck…

Secondary Market for Private Equity

January 30, 2009


Interesting post from Joanna Glanser at PEHUB about the number of private equity partnership shares trading hands. From the brief article: The forecast released this week by secondary market maker NYPPEX predicts that sales of limited partner stakes in private equity partnerships will soar by 68% to $27 billion in 2009. This highlights the stratosphere […]

Venture Capital Panel Discussion: Fred Wilson & Jordan Levy

January 9, 2009


This morning’s sessions at the InmanNews Real Estate Connect Conference in New York City included a panel discussion with Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures and Jordan Levy of Softbank. Some interesting insights and perspectives regarding the state of venture capital and the general economy. From Fred Wilson (who also authors the A VC blog): […]

Venture Capital Trends: By Stage, Round, & Industry

December 27, 2008


In March, I noted that venture capital is moving “up the ladder” – more money was flowing into latter stage investments, with only about 10% of VC deals going to start-up stage investment (as compared to 25% in 1995). In August, I examined venture capital investments by financing round which revealed that Series E round […]