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Loss Reserves hitting bank balance sheets

July 19, 2012


Under bank regulations, banks are required to set reserves against losses for defaulting mortgages (and other bad debt, mostly most mortgages….).  With the Q2 earnings posting last week and this week, these loss reserves are leading the headlines for the major banks. It’s interesting to see the difference of opinion on how to account for […]

Only in Silicon Valley: OpenStack Swift – The State of the Project

December 8, 2011


Seeing that I’m in the data business, thought it’d be interesting to check out the new Silicon Valley CloudCenter at a Meetup event – OpenStack Swift – The State of the Project – organized by Dave Nielsen, et al.   Only in Silicon Valley can you pack a room with 60+ engineers to learn about these things. […]

SPV = SIV? Thoughts on the Goldman/Facebook news

January 4, 2011


Big news early in 2011 with Goldman Sachs raising and investing up to $1.5 billion in Facebook.  To do so, Goldman is setting up a “Special Purpose Vehicle” (SPV).  Because Facebook is a privately-held company, it can have no more than 499 individual investors due to SEC regulations.  This SPV enables Goldman to make highly […]

US Budget Deficit – Left, Right, Center

November 21, 2010


Spent the last two mornings catching up on the Charlie Rose show from this week.  He did a nice job of bringing in all sides to provide perspective and opinion on the US Budget Deficit Commission appointed by President Obama. Bottom line – our standard of living and entitlements are too expensive for the tax […]

Robert Reich, Economic Chef

October 24, 2010


Who knew my Sunday morning coffee with the week’s recordings of The Charlie Rose Show would include culinary genius Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton? Reich just published his book “After Shock.” While I typically don’t agree with Reich on policy, he made several excellent arguments and one-liners about economic decisions ahead: The […]

Immigration: Labor Markets & Economic Growth Should Drive Policy

May 5, 2009


The talk about immigration and border control again rises to the surface of American politics. It’s a false assumption to think that those in favor of enforcing the borders are “anti-immigration.” While enforcing the laws and are vital to maintaining our borders, free markets call for the natural flow of labor based on supply and […]

Philanthropy: The market fills the gaps

March 19, 2009


Jane Siebels, manager at Green Cay Asset Management noticed that even large international organizations like the Clinton Global Initiative were working in isolation.  The solution?  Develop an interactive platform for philanthropic organizations to communicate and network. From the article: But the inefficiencies created by the fact that each of those organizations works in isolation troubled […]