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The biology of The Cloud

December 11, 2011


Here’s the way I think of “The Cloud” – If I don’t have to worry about my data when I spill coffee on my laptop, then I’m using is The Cloud. In that vein, I’m in general agreement with Urquhart’s definition – “Cloud computing is an application-centric operations model.” (After my visit to the Silicon […]

Why Wesabe Lost to Mint

October 3, 2010


Came across this post on Marc Hedlund’s blog – “Why Wesabe Lost to Mint.” I’ve never heard of until reading his post this week.  It’s a look at why his company – Wesabe – failed to beat out for market supremacy.  Wesabe shut down earlier this summer, while was acquired for $170 mln […]

Even Google is Paranoid!

June 15, 2009


Given Google’s new found paranoia, it gives me a certain amount of comfort to know that the laws of the free market and capitalism are still alive and well, even during a time where government programs and institutions are pushing a more socialist environment on the social side of our country’s development. Back in September, […]

Venture Capital Trends: By Stage, Round, & Industry

December 27, 2008


In March, I noted that venture capital is moving “up the ladder” – more money was flowing into latter stage investments, with only about 10% of VC deals going to start-up stage investment (as compared to 25% in 1995). In August, I examined venture capital investments by financing round which revealed that Series E round […]

AltosXplorer – Cooler than a Liger….

July 22, 2008


What could be cooler than this? What ’til you check out AltosXplorer…. I’m referring to it as the “liger of the real estate market.” From our press release: AltosXplorer is the first rich internet application that enables users to: Instantly query the vast Altos Research real estate database: Altos publishes hundreds of useful statistics covering […]

Update! University of San Francisco International Business Plan Competition

April 25, 2008


I spent the day today at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco, serving as a coach to aspiring young entrepreneurs and companies in developing their “elevator pitch” and venture capital presentations during the University of San Francisco International Business Plan Competition. Although the competition is a compilation of student-led groups that have been vetted at […]

Economic Arguments for Abandoning H1B Visas

April 8, 2008


Supporters of America’s H1B visa system argue that firms such as Microsoft and Google (both opposed to the existing system) should simply send these jobs overseas by expanding their current operations in places like China and India. The problem with this argument is that it does not follow economic logic. There are several economic factors […]