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Secondary Market for Private Equity

January 30, 2009


Interesting post from Joanna Glanser at PEHUB about the number of private equity partnership shares trading hands. From the brief article: The forecast released this week by secondary market maker NYPPEX predicts that sales of limited partner stakes in private equity partnerships will soar by 68% to $27 billion in 2009. This highlights the stratosphere […]

The Venture Capital Confidence Index – A Leading Indicator

April 30, 2008


Mark Cannice, Chair of the University of San Francisco Entrepreneurship Program, provided some great insight about how venture capital and venture capital activites may foreshadow overall financial market activity. In his video interview on The Wall Street Journal Online, Mark pointed out that venture capital operates at the “intersection of public and private finance,” providing […]

$236 million? Bear Stearns, Valuations, and Train Wrecks

March 17, 2008


An astonishing train wreck. That’s all that comes to mind in reading about Bear Stearns’ collapse and J.P. Morgan’s purchase of the Wall Street mainstay since 1923. According to the Wall Street Journal – “J.P. Morgan Rescues Bear Stearns.” “Rescues?” Seems more like Cousin Vinny bailing out the “two youts” somewhere in Alabama after being […]

Venture Capital – Moving up the Ladder

March 10, 2008


In an article earlier this month, I examined an interesting trend in venture capital based on data provided by PWCMoneyTree. In short, the data appears to indicate that venture capital is moving away from investments in the “Start-up/Seed stage” and more towards later stage companies – those companies in “Expansion” or “Later Stage.” A recent […]

Venture Capital Investment Trends since 1995 (Deals by Stage)

March 3, 2008


Doing some research about Venture Capital trends, I came across some interesting data provided by PWCMoneyTree.showing convergence in the number of venture capital deals between Early Stage, Expansion, and Later Stage deals, while the Start-up/Seed Stage dropped considerably over the past 12-13 years: Reading nothing more than the data presented in these graphs, I’m hypothesizing […]

Venture Capital is not the end goal

February 24, 2008


It’s interesting when talking to start-up CEOs and entrepreneurs how often they are enamored with landing venture capital, as if receiving the funding itself is their main business objective. Venture capital is the beginning of any start-up’s journey- a vehicle to speed product development, expand market reach, and grow the firm more rapidly than what […]

Company Value = Benefit to Customers

February 11, 2008


A common way to value a company is to look at the company’s total revenues and then take a some multiple such as “1x” or “2x” in conservative industries, with “10x” as an acceptable standard in the technology industry, and an incredible “100x” as witnessed in Microsoft’s valuation of Facebook. We’ll call this the “Revenue […]