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The biology of The Cloud

December 11, 2011


Here’s the way I think of “The Cloud” – If I don’t have to worry about my data when I spill coffee on my laptop, then I’m using is The Cloud. In that vein, I’m in general agreement with Urquhart’s definition – “Cloud computing is an application-centric operations model.” (After my visit to the Silicon […]

Only in Silicon Valley: OpenStack Swift – The State of the Project

December 8, 2011


Seeing that I’m in the data business, thought it’d be interesting to check out the new Silicon Valley CloudCenter at a Meetup event – OpenStack Swift – The State of the Project – organized by Dave Nielsen, et al.   Only in Silicon Valley can you pack a room with 60+ engineers to learn about these things. […]

Rational Optimism – Matt Ridley on

July 19, 2010


How humans’ ability to conceptualize and capitalize on gains from trade leads to economic and societal progress: Ridley references one of my favorite economics lessons from Uncle Milty – The Story of the Pencil – though he fails to cite Milton Friedman on the idea… Found that rather disappointing. (Thanks to Paul Kedrosky’s blog […]

Sixth Sense Computing – Pranav Mistry on

November 26, 2009


Working from the in-laws basement this week and took a little retreat time to watch a few videos. If you want to get blown away by things like dialing cell phone by touching your fingers or seeing if you flight is on time by looking at your boarding pass, this is for you. (And […]

Linked Data – Tim Berners-Lee

November 9, 2009


On the business side of life, there’s been an active discussion this weekend about a new initiative led by the National Association of Realtors called the REALTORS® Property Resource (RPR) which is designed to provide a national property data exchange for agents to provide to clients. Yes, snooze-fest if you’re not in the real estate […]

Our Fearless Leader on FOXBusiness

September 11, 2008


Just a quick plug for our work at Altos Research. Mike Simonsen, our CEO, was interviewed on FOXBusiness News this week with a focus on potential bright spots in the US Housing market. Always cool to see our little shop get some national exposure. Here’s a link to the video interview. (There’s a short commercial […]

Viva Monopoly!

September 4, 2008


With the launch of Google’s new browser – Chrome – I can’t help but consider one of the basic laws of market economics: Monopolies are good. Back in 1997, strategy+business published an interview with Paul Romer, a Stanford economist that has been a leader in the development of new growth theory. In the article, Romer […]