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Warren Buffett & GM’s Bondholders

May 4, 2009


Warren Buffet is an ardent supporter of the Obama Administration, which seems puzzling given his penchant for the free market and capitalism throughout his life.  (Check out Roger Lowenstein’s “Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist” – definintely a good read…) On the other hand, he’s been extremely charitable throughout his life, giving away most […]

TV Viewers & the President’s speech

April 30, 2009


Earlier this week, we highlighted how free market principles applied to the TV networks and programming, pointing out that the media market should be subject to the same competitive pressures as other markets.  Clearly, viewers continue to vote with their clickers as Fox, who decided to air their regular programming during the President’s press conference […]

Competition in the Media Market – Consumers vote with their Clickers

April 28, 2009


Free markets dictate that consumers “vote” for products based on their consumption.  Media and television programming is no different.  Across the news media spectrum, both print and on television, there’s a clear trend emerging – consumers prefer programming and content that leans towards free market principles and economically conservative ideology. While owners of media outlets […]