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SPV = SIV? Thoughts on the Goldman/Facebook news

January 4, 2011


Big news early in 2011 with Goldman Sachs raising and investing up to $1.5 billion in Facebook.  To do so, Goldman is setting up a “Special Purpose Vehicle” (SPV).  Because Facebook is a privately-held company, it can have no more than 499 individual investors due to SEC regulations.  This SPV enables Goldman to make highly […]

Geithner on Lending Levels

February 10, 2009


And switching over Timothy Geithner’s speech this afternoon… He stated that the program proposed is to (paraphrasing) “insure that lending would be greater than without government intervention.” Read: We’re putting money in the market so that we can spur lending and open the credit markets. That’s what I thought they were trying to do.

Secondary Market for Private Equity

January 30, 2009


Interesting post from Joanna Glanser at PEHUB about the number of private equity partnership shares trading hands. From the brief article: The forecast released this week by secondary market maker NYPPEX predicts that sales of limited partner stakes in private equity partnerships will soar by 68% to $27 billion in 2009. This highlights the stratosphere […]

Venture Capital Panel Discussion: Fred Wilson & Jordan Levy

January 9, 2009


This morning’s sessions at the InmanNews Real Estate Connect Conference in New York City included a panel discussion with Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures and Jordan Levy of Softbank. Some interesting insights and perspectives regarding the state of venture capital and the general economy. From Fred Wilson (who also authors the A VC blog): […]

Michael Lewis – "The End"

November 20, 2008


Just in case you missed it, here’s an interesting piece from Michael Lewis, author of Liar’s Poker (a book about Wall Street back in the 1980’s that you should read if you haven’t). His new article – “The End of Wall Street’s Boom”- is a new perspective on the current financial market situation. It’s about […]

Reviewing LinkedIn’s Valuation

August 12, 2008


After writing my weekend post about LinkedIn’s $1 bln valuation (“Locked in on Linked In“), I did a bit of reading about how some others viewed the matter. (I wanted to come to my own conclusion without being influenced too much by others who already wrote about the topic…) Michael Arrington wrote a nice article […]

Locking in on LinkedIn

August 9, 2008


I read about the recent $53 mln Bain Capital investment to LinkedIn and I was prepared to write an article again questioning the valuation of another social/business networking site. Like many, I’m not particularly enamoured with the current $15 billion valuation of Facebook, so my initial reaction to the $1.035 billion valuation of LinkedIn was […]