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Education without the Department of Education

January 14, 2012


1/19/12 UPDATE:  And now this article on TechCrunch about Bertelsmann’s University Ventures Fund. — The bigger promise of democratization and specialization of education is finally here, and it barely involves the public sector. Computer science undergrads have a standing employment offer from Google.  Yet universities insist that taking Sociology 101 is important to a “well-rounded education.” […]

The Education Bubble

May 19, 2011


The gets this one wrong. The education bubble isn’t about a student “selling” their degree in the open market.  Here’s why there’s an education bubble: Student loans are securitized and resold in the same way as residential mortgages.  And the numbers are staggering. Know that whole Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac thing going on right now […]

Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s Two Opposing Views on School Vouchers –

April 8, 2009


Through The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, Milton Friedman was an active proponent of the school voucher system. In an interview with Charlie Rose a few years ago, he was asked why he was in favor of providing vouchers to parents for school choice.  He likened the school voucher program to the food stamps program […]