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SPV = SIV? Thoughts on the Goldman/Facebook news

January 4, 2011


Big news early in 2011 with Goldman Sachs raising and investing up to $1.5 billion in Facebook.  To do so, Goldman is setting up a “Special Purpose Vehicle” (SPV).  Because Facebook is a privately-held company, it can have no more than 499 individual investors due to SEC regulations.  This SPV enables Goldman to make highly […]

Are Twitterers worth more than Googlers?

November 26, 2008


Following up with an additional thought on the Twitter/Facebook saga… In yesterday’s article, I approached Twitter’s valuation from a “per twitterer” basis – arriving at an estimated value of $45 per twitterer based on Facebook’s $500 million which is really worth $150 million using the “Henry Blodget Facebook valuation discount factor.” To put the $45 […]

"No Thanks!" in 140 Characters or less

November 26, 2008


Maybe the message was something like: Twitter: @Facebook “No can do. Thx 4 the offer.” It’s common knowledge now that Twitter declined Facebook’s “$500 million” offer. Running some numbers yields some interesting results on the offer and valuations of both companies. (We’ll come back to the quotes around the $500 million shortly…) Back in April, […]

Locking in on LinkedIn

August 9, 2008


I read about the recent $53 mln Bain Capital investment to LinkedIn and I was prepared to write an article again questioning the valuation of another social/business networking site. Like many, I’m not particularly enamoured with the current $15 billion valuation of Facebook, so my initial reaction to the $1.035 billion valuation of LinkedIn was […]

CBS – The CNET Acquisition

May 18, 2008


The acquisition of CNET by CBS – let’s take a quick look at the numbers. I began by checking out the Balance Sheet, and as a content and media company, one would expect what I saw – relatively low base of assets and liabilities. Pretty tough to determine the value of CNET based on assets […]

Google Valuation – Decidely Undecided

April 20, 2008


In early April when Google stock was trading at the mid-$400s, I started thinking about its market valuation and price per share. Maybe it was a good buying opportunity since coming down from its all-time highs in the $700+ range late last year. In the spirit of the analysis I’ve done in previous articles with […]

Yahoo!’s Valuation – Goodwill leads to Goodwill

April 4, 2008


Recent word is that Microsoft has no plans to raise its $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo! Inc. $44.6 billion got me wondering how this matched up to Yahoo’s value based on its balance sheet. I found one item to be particularly interesting – “goodwill” – which seems to be indicative of Yahoo! Inc.’s problems, and […]