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"Too Big to Fail" & Charlie Rose

October 21, 2009


A recent issue of Fortune Magazine included a nice piece about Charlie Rose – “Why business loves Charlie Rose.” I’m thankful for the article because it reminded me how much I enjoy his program so I’ve now set my DVR to record these episodes. Heck, if Warren Buffet watches it, I probably should. Mr. Rose […]

More on the Bear Stearns Valuation

March 22, 2008


At market close on Thursday, Bear Stearns was trading at nearly $6/share, yielding a market capitalization of just over $800 million, nearly a tripling of the publicly-announced offer of $2/share ($236 million) from last weekend. The general consensus indicates that the real estate owned by Bear Stearns in New York City is worth about $1 […]

Bear Stearns, Portfolios, and Waldo

March 20, 2008


Where’s Waldo? Courtesy of the Bear Stearns 10-K for the year ending November 30, 2007: Some basic math indicates that 33.4% of Bear Stearns’ portfolio was held in Mortgages, mortgage- and asset-backed securities. Add the Derivatives line item and you come to 47.5% of their portfolio is relatively risky assets. So how does this compare […]

$236 million? Bear Stearns, Valuations, and Train Wrecks

March 17, 2008


An astonishing train wreck. That’s all that comes to mind in reading about Bear Stearns’ collapse and J.P. Morgan’s purchase of the Wall Street mainstay since 1923. According to the Wall Street Journal – “J.P. Morgan Rescues Bear Stearns.” “Rescues?” Seems more like Cousin Vinny bailing out the “two youts” somewhere in Alabama after being […]