Education without the Department of Education

Posted on January 14, 2012


1/19/12 UPDATE:  And now this article on TechCrunch about Bertelsmann’s University Ventures Fund.

The bigger promise of democratization and specialization of education is finally here, and it barely involves the public sector. Computer science undergrads have a standing employment offer from Google.  Yet universities insist that taking Sociology 101 is important to a “well-rounded education.” Bah.  Let them read about Sociology on their Kindle on vacation from their $150k/year job as a Java Engineer.

New York City announced it’s Software Engineering High School on the heels of the Silicon Island project. Expect more of these to bloom from the private sector and non-profits.

Khan Academy embarrasses public education and its billions of wasted dollars very year, as fifth-graders flock there every day because unmotivated, tenure-tracked teachers don’t know basic arithmetic, let alone have the capacity to prepare the next generation for global competiton.

CodeAcademy and free classes at MIT give us more reasons why parents shouldn’t send their kids to college. Meanwhile, the “higher” education bubble is waiting to burst as universities pump up tuition knowing that students are getting loans backed by good ‘ole Uncle Sam.

I just hope it’s not too late.

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