The Climate Change Bill – No Transparency

Posted on June 27, 2009


The current climate change bill prompted me to write to the Mike Thompson, my local Congressman here in California.  I urged him to vote against the current form of the bill, as it is clear from published reports that the House of Representatives failed to spend the appropriate time reviewing the bill and its implications for consumers and American business.

Mr. Thompson replied to my letter as I am sure many other House Representatives have done, citing the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and domestic job creation.  I have decided to follow up my initial correspondence with this more strongly-worded response.  I hope and encourage you to write your state’s legislator about this bill.

Mr. Thompson,

Thank you for your reply with regard to my concern for the Climate Change billed now reported as passed in the House of Representatives.

Your citation of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change only serves to further infuriate me as a constituent.  If you are committed to citing and referencing scientific research on climate change, then I draw your attention the numerous research articles and published accounts discounting the this study and other studies “proving” global warming.

Additionally, it is not the job of the government to create jobs in an attempt to “pick winners” and industries.  This is the responsibility of free and competitive markets.

Lastly, you wrote in your response that this bill is not one “I would have written and I know changes still need to be made.”
If this is the case, then I ask you – why didn’t you initiate further debate and refinements of the bill?  Why didn’t you require analysis of the complete bill proposed before the vote was taken, or request a reading of the complete bill prior to the vote?   How can you be sure that the bill won’t cause economic harm to your constituents? Why was this vote pushed through on a Friday evening?

Your actions violate your responsibility to represent the best interest of those that your represent. I find myself discouraged and distraught in the ongoing failure of Congress to provide transparency and clarity to the American people and the citizens of California on such massive legislation that will affect business, markets, and consumers.


Scott Sambucci

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