Obama Greets Chavez with a Friendly Handshake?

Posted on April 18, 2009


Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between political and economic views.  While we generally lean towards conservative and libertarian policies, publishing this sort of information certainly makes us appear biased. But in this case, we feel that Americans should be roundlyl appalled by the actions taken by President Obam regardless of ones’ political persuasion.

These photos were adpated from the Reuters’ UK article “Obama, Venezuela’s Chavez shake hands at summit” —

While it’s vital that the United States take a proactive roll in engaging all countries across the world in it’s leadership position, taking this approach with Mr. Chavez is clearly unacceptable.

Obama & Chavez-1



If you’ve forgotten about Cheavez and the results of his dictatorship and economics policies, here’s a link to the Economist Country Report for Venezuela as a reminder.

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