California road projects – Los Angeles Times

Posted on April 14, 2009


If you’ve ever driven along the California highway system, you know that tune-ups should be offered with every fill-up as the gas station.  The road conditions are poor and in disrepair.  The ongoing Bay Bridge retrofitting project was conceived over 30 years ago when it was first discovered that the bridge did not meet seismic guidelines.  Already years behind schedule, there are already claims of faulty welding in the new sections constructed.

The LA Times listed several aspects of California’s request for “Stimulus Package” funding, which includes $75 million to repave three miles of rough pavement on Interstate 710 in Los Angeles.

If this $75 million was required from the state instead of the federal government, would it really cost $75 million?  How many small businesses and start-ups could have been sponsored with $75 million to create long-term jobs, not some temporary work in the construction industry?

Here’s a link to the complete article and to the California Department of Transportation:

California road projects – Los Angeles Times.