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Secondary Market for Private Equity

January 30, 2009


Interesting post from Joanna Glanser at PEHUB about the number of private equity partnership shares trading hands. From the brief article: The forecast released this week by secondary market maker NYPPEX predicts that sales of limited partner stakes in private equity partnerships will soar by 68% to $27 billion in 2009. This highlights the stratosphere […]

Goodwill Accounting

January 28, 2009


Back in April, I outlined Yahoo’s “goodwill” account to highlight how they were overpaying for acquisitions – other technology companies developing products that should have been developed in-house at Yahoo!. Today, I say this link on Twitter which provides a list of companies whose “Goodwill” accounts exceed their current market capitalization. Most of the companies […]

The Mortgage Market, Housing Market & Inflation

January 18, 2009


This week, the Mortgage Banker’s Association released the “good news” of mortgage rates falling and loan applications rising. But is it really? The Mortgage Industry From the mortgage industry, there’s applause when mortgage rates fall and loan applications rise. Considered healthy, innovative, and robust in 2003, the longer terms effects of this outlook are now […]

Economic Arguments for Abandoning H1B Visas

January 11, 2009


Recently, the H1B visa issue has received significant media coverage. In the Wall Street Journal, Miriam Jordan wrote about this issue on March 31 and Shikha Dalmia wrote an editorial in Saturday’s edition. As Milton Friedman free-marketeer, I share Bill Gates’ viewpoint (detailed in his testimony last year to the US Congress) that the current […]

Venture Capital Panel Discussion: Fred Wilson & Jordan Levy

January 9, 2009


This morning’s sessions at the InmanNews Real Estate Connect Conference in New York City included a panel discussion with Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures and Jordan Levy of Softbank. Some interesting insights and perspectives regarding the state of venture capital and the general economy. From Fred Wilson (who also authors the A VC blog): […]