Revisting Twitterer vs Googler User Valuations

Posted on December 10, 2008


Last week, I wrote did some quick math comparing the value of Twitterers relative to the value of Googlers. My initial thoughts were that Googlers were far more valuable – that the relative value of Twitterers based on the $500 mln offer from Facebook was an extreme valuation. Now I’m not completely sure.

After posting the article, I was playing on my Twitter feed and found a particularly good patch of tweets and posts by Twitterers I’m following. I’m fairly persnickity about who I follow – if I don’t find the tweets useful from a business or personal interest standpoint, I’m quick to cut the cord and “unfollow” someone on Twitter.

During this run of interesting Twitter posts, I got to thinking how I was using Twitter as a personal scouting network for information I find useful and interesting – others are sifting through the morass of information throughout the web to pull out relevant content that they find interesting and useful, and in turn, are posting so that other like-minded people can benefit. I do the same for those following me on Twitter. Felt awfully efficient.

Then, I saw a tweet from @Jim Duncan

Wondering if Twitter could be more useful than Google

And this morning, I read Nick Bilton’s article on O’Reilly Media – “The Twitter Gold Mine & Beating Google to the Semantic Web.”

I’m not vain enough to think that I was the first to consider that Twitter could be valued on par or above that of Google, but there was a certain comfort in seeing others were thinking the same way. I’m still not sure what the structure of my thoughts are on this issue and how Twitter would supercede Google from a user valuation standpoint. Even Twitter hasn’t publicly announced a revenue model for itselt, but there’s something here…