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Venture Capital Trends: By Stage, Round, & Industry

December 27, 2008


In March, I noted that venture capital is moving “up the ladder” – more money was flowing into latter stage investments, with only about 10% of VC deals going to start-up stage investment (as compared to 25% in 1995). In August, I examined venture capital investments by financing round which revealed that Series E round […]

A Case for Higher Interest Rates & Lower Home Prices

December 22, 2008


(Author’s Note: This article was also published on Seeking Alpha on December 25.) With the continual prodding by many to initiate 4.5% mortgage rates to pacify the current housing market glut, it’s important to distinguish the effects based on two categories of buyers: 1. Existing mortgage refinancing2. Home Purchase Mortgages Fundamentally, the problem with this […]

More on 4.5% Mortgage Rates

December 19, 2008


Came across this article on – “Against Lower Mortgage Rates.”  The author, Felix Salmon, presents some good analysis, digging into Hubbard & Mayer’s oped piece in the Wall Street Journal this week and using some of their own research to build a case against the proposed 4.5% mortgage rate.

4.5% Mortgage Rates & Housing Demand

December 18, 2008


Earlier this week, I suggested lower price levels would spur housing demand far more than lower mortgage rates.  Using John Taylor’s position that the Federal Funds Target rate was below the levels recommended by the Taylor Rule, it would appear that cheaper money led to the current housing glut but my conjecture is that cheaper […]

H1B Visas & American Innovation

December 15, 2008


Recently, the H1B visa issue has received significant media coverage. In the Wall Street Journal, Miriam Jordan wrote about this issue on March 31 and Shikha Dalmia wrote an editorial in Saturday’s edition. As Milton Friedman free-marketeer, I share Bill Gates’ viewpoint (detailed in his testimony last year to the US Congress) that the current […]

The Taylor Rule & The US Housing Market

December 14, 2008


(Author’s note: This article was published on Seeking Alpha on December 26.) I received a link to this article on Twitter from Paul Kedrosky, author of Infectious Greed, on John Taylor’s criticism of the Federal Reserve’s recent monetary policy. I was drawn to the post because of the chatter that I hear from residential mortgage […]

Update: Project Einstein now "His Catalog"

December 11, 2008


Back in the Spring, I met the guys at Project Einstein at the University of San Francisco Business Plan Competition. They are on the move! They are now His Catalog. Check ’em out for the holidays! Great to see new companies with solid concepts continue to grow. I like their blog as well – lots […]