Perspectives: State of Venture Capital

Posted on November 14, 2008


This slideshare presentation developed by audits the state of the venture capital capital. It’s a nice synopsis of a huge challenge – getting money to innovators. Whether venture capital industry is the answer doesn’t matter. What matters is that we continue to develop innovation as a pipeline to new technology leaps and healthier long term economic growth.

Judy Estrin tackled this concept during her recent presentation as part of Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Lecture – “Is Innovation Withering on the Vine.” Whether you agree with the politics of the podcast or not, the principle remains the same – the innovation pipeline is slowing.

This supports some of the thoughts presented in a previous article – “Venture Capital: Moving Up the Ladder” – posted back in August. This isn’t surprising to most in the industry.

Revelation is not the issue, resolution is…

(And a “Thank you!” goes to Mike Simonsen for pointing out both the presentation on and Judy’s participation in the Stanford series. That’s why he’s the boss…)