AltosXplorer – Cooler than a Liger….

Posted on July 22, 2008


What could be cooler than this?

What ’til you check out AltosXplorer…. I’m referring to it as the “liger of the real estate market.”

From our press release:

AltosXplorer is the first rich internet application that enables users to:

  • Instantly query the vast Altos Research real estate database: Altos publishes hundreds of useful statistics covering nearly 10,000 zip codes around the country every week. AltosXplorer opens the massive 2 terabyte (2TB) Altos Research database to live queries.
  • Automatically chart local market trends: Just a few clicks to grab local market trend charts for your blog, emails, or unique individual analysis.
  • Quickly analyze today’s conditions: Sift through mountains of statistics to compare local market opportunities, identify previously hidden trends, and make decisions.
  • Export the data: Easily save graphical charts and export historical data directly to your PC.

We’re just so proud of this product, we’re telling everyone we know – and so should you! Check it out here.