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Employee Retention at Yahoo!

June 25, 2008


Things aren’t looking terribly rosy at Yahoo! nowadays. It’s never a good sign when webpages like this start sprouting up….. (Mike – thanks for the link….)

The Altos Research Blog

June 20, 2008


Been busy of late gearing up our new sales rep at Altos Research and bringing on new clients by the truckload – we’re busy and life is good there! For those interested in some local flavor and perspectives on real estate market data, you might enjoy my latest blog post on the Altos Research blog. […]

Google’s Employee Retention & Entrepreneurship

June 5, 2008


About a year ago, I explored Google’s investment per employee during their growth phase, noting that the Google’s employee retention might suffer in the long term as a result of simple mathematics. As Google continues to grow its revenue and employee numbers, maintaining the investment rate per employee to pay for its innovation and development […]

Getting Started with Bootstrapping Your Business

June 1, 2008


Traditionally, angel capital became known as “angel capital” because they were the first investors – the “pre-seed” funding, but with deals becoming more numerous and requiring more stringent expected ROI requirements, the entrepreneur in need of $50K or $100K in seed capital is left to bootstrap their business. If you are looking for that first […]