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Mike’s Case Against Venture Capital

February 26, 2008


Mike Simonsen, our fearless leader at Altos Research, wrote an article for FoundRead this weekend entitled “My Case Against Venture Capital.”Interesting how he and I wrote our articles independently this weekend, but advocated similar positions – heeding caution with respect to venture capital’s role in funding your start-up endeavor. Maybe its the “Altos Research Cultural […]

Venture Capital is not the end goal

February 24, 2008


It’s interesting when talking to start-up CEOs and entrepreneurs how often they are enamored with landing venture capital, as if receiving the funding itself is their main business objective. Venture capital is the beginning of any start-up’s journey- a vehicle to speed product development, expand market reach, and grow the firm more rapidly than what […]

Some Basics on Angel Capital

February 22, 2008


While doing some reading tonight, I came across a couple of very informative articles regarding angel capital and seed stage start-up financing. Jim Roberts provides his Top 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs Seeking Venture Capital – a nice list of practical examples that focuses on developing relationships and taking the long view when considering angel funding. […]

New Social Network – "Were You There?"

February 20, 2008


I met Jonathan Hull, founder of “Were You There?” at a recent SVASE event. I just set up a membership and started playing around. “Were You There?” bases its social networks on events, times, and places. Couple of examples – there are groups around the Kennedy assassination, Elvis Presley, and Venice, Italy. Cool stuff. Definitely […]

Venture Capital Investment Competition & the University of San Francisco

February 20, 2008


The Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) is a unique opportunity for university students to act as investors, instead of the standard competition where students present their business plans. In an obvious attempt to be a homer, I’d like to congratulate the University of San Francisco Graduate Student Team for their outstanding performance at the February […]

The Predictions Business…

February 19, 2008


The Industry Standard is back in the publishing business again. For those of you, okay, for those of us, that feel compelled to be right all the time, they have their “Predictions Board.” Put your money where your mouth is – wager $100,000 in Standard Dollars on predictions in the tech industry. If there’s competition […]

The Facebook Multiplier: Economic vs. Market Valuation

February 17, 2008


I get the social part of it. I just found a friend of mine from high school, spent 10 minutes with my wife perusing pictures to put on my profile, and even reviewed 20 results for “Sambucci” including two in London, one in Glasgow, and one in Ecuador. I don’t get the 100x revenues to […]